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Leafeon Deck


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I have just gotten into the online game and still missing some essential staples (like collectors and catchers) but any suggestions are welcomed.


the deck has been doing fine for me. However, i have some serious problems against fire decks like reshiboar and typhlosion decks. Any suggestions for a counter or help with this problem would be great.




4-3 Leafeon


1 Espeon Prime


2-2 Houndoom Prime


2-2 Roserade


2 Unown Return


2 Dual Ball


2 Energy Exchanger


3 Energy Search


3 Great Ball


3 Pokemon Communication


2 Switch




2 professor elm


1 cheren


1 flower shop lady


2 Seeker


1 Twins


4 Rainbow Energy


1 Rescue Energy


4 Grass Energy


6 Psychic Energy




like i said im fairly new to the ptcg so i might not have (or even know) the staples and must haves, but do tell me so i can work on them :)


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That's a good deck for being new to ptcg.




4 rainbow


3 rescue


3 grass


3 psychic


13 total(may seem low but that's actually about the right amount for this deck)






4 pokemon communication


3 pokemon catcher


3 junk arm


3 energy exchanger


1 energy retrival






3 pokemon collector


2 seeker


2 interviewers questions


2 cheren


1 flowershop lady






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