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competitives for packs


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make me an offer in packs or packs cards


cards available for trade:


Kyogre/Groundon Legend top and bottom pieces available (minimal price for both 3 packs)


Tangrowth (1 pack)


Tyranitar prime (2 packs)


Weavile (1 pack)


Ability conkeldur (1,5 packs)


Chandelure(2 packs)


Vaniluxe(2 packs)


Hypno(1,5 packs)


Ability gothitelle (1,5 packs)




Cards listed above are currently available -1 each---->this means quantity


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so they are all 1 pack? Then Ill take Tyranitar Prime, Chandelure, Vanilluxe, and the Kyogre/Groudon Leend



no that means i have only 1 of each-.quantity not price.including minimal prices now soz


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can you give me some time to get the packs, or would you take cards? I can offer Ursaring Prime, Cincinno, Manaphy, Roserade, and Jirachi for them


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ok,i can wait.write in this topic or in ur own when u have them.i will hold those cards untill u get packs or untill a better offer comes.


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