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Pokemon TCGO Singles? Also, please rate the decks I desire to purchase!


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I am looking to purchase a deck strictly for Pokemon TCG Online, purely because I imagine finding players in hobby stores would be a massive hassle. I notice that Magic: The Gathering has the MTGO Traders site where one can purchase singles for it's online version, yet when I look on Google, I get nothing for Pokemon TCG. I also checked on eBay and while I can get packs and codes, I still have to play the lottery to get the cards I desire.


Name: CaKE


Comments: Standard CaKE Deck.






Stage 1: 3


3 : Electrode (Prime), TM-93


Basic: 11


3 : Kyurem, NV-34


4 : Cobalion, NV-100


1 : Cleffa, Promo-112


3 : Voltorb, TM-83




Trainers: 11


4 : Super Rod, NV-95


3 : Junk Arm, TM-87


4 : Research Record, CL-84


Pokemon Tools: 4


4 : Eviolite, NV-91


Supporters: 15


4 : Professor Juniper, BW-101


4 : N, NV-101


3 : Twins, TM-89


4 : Pokemon Collector, GS-97




Special Energy: 8


4 : Metal Energy (sp), CL-87


4 : Rainbow Energy, PL-121


Basic Energy: 8


4 : Water Energy, BW-107


4 : Metal Energy, BW-112




Can anyone help me out or must I play the lottery?


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You aren't able to find any specific single cards yet, so to find cards, just buy boosters and redeem them online and hope for the best. Hopefully, you'll be able to do this once the game launches into Alpha version, but we don't have this system yet.


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If you go in the trading section in the forums, people are willing to trade all those cards for packs, namely Gotaway. Getting an entire deck would cost a lot of packs though, probably at least 40 packs


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