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What does a standard Crobat Prime Deck consist of?


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Crobat Prime decks rely a lot on Poisoning, so you could try Roserade to Poison from the Bench. Also remember Rare Candy, Pokemon Collector, and other cards to let you search out specific Pokemon. You can add Kingdra Prime to the mix to deal more damage to the opponent with the Poke-Power. As for Energy, most of them would probably be for Roserade, because Crobat Prime's attack and retreat costs are really low.




Possible Decklist ():




4-4-4 Crobat Prime line


3-3 Roserade line


3-3-2 Kingdra Prime line


3 Cleffa




Trainer/Supporter/Stadium (17):


3 Pokemon Collector


3 Rare Candy


2 Professor Elm's Training Method


3 Pokemon Catcher


2 Cheren


2 Team Rocket's Trickery


2 Twins




Energy (14):


8 Psychic Energy


4 Rainbow Energy


2 Rescue Energy




Basically, set up multiple Crobat to use Severe Posion or Skill Dive repeatedly until Crobat takes a lot of damage, then use the free Retreat Cost to swap for another Crobat. Kingdra's Poke-Power lets you do a consistent 10 damage more each turn, and Roserade can cause Confusion or a weaker Posion if you're Crobat aren't in play. If you have a bad draw, Cleffa can re-shuffle your hand for a new one.


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I don't recommend Roserades in a Crobat prime deck. When you have Crobat prime out, Roserade becomes pointless and actually, even becomes harmful to yourself. The poison is weaker than Crobat, so there is no point in it. The only useful thing is the confusion, but you need grass energies for that. Rainbow energies won't work because it still procs the poison.


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You could try Fliptini Hypno instead of Roserade I guess. 75% chance of inducing sleep so 37.5% chance they can't retreat out of poison the normal way (or attack so you can rack up 120 damage over the 2 turns plus whatever move you use in your second turn).


Seeker might be useful to possibly remove some energised retreats from play for your opponent, whilst if you use Fliptini you could just replay it from the hand.


It'll probably be more fun than useful, though.


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