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Free codes please!!!


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You guys CAN always ask for free codes, but there is such a little chance that you will ever receive any. I know you mean it in a nice way though. I saw that you even have out a Primal Clash code, but like I tell SOO many countless others, you will only receive downvotes if you do so (not that it matters, because I think that no one on this forum is\ should be judged by their so called "repuation".).


Codes are worth money. Money isn't free.


On this forum, the only way to get free codes, is by guessing and racing. Definitely go check out @SlowPokéDad's thread, titled Free Codes! Guess which card I'm seeing! That might not be exactly what it's titled, but you would find it XD. Over there, you try and guess which card that he is thinking of, if you get it right, then he sends you a free code for a random pack. There are rules though and other details, So see the original post on that thread before guessing if you want to participate there.


So, In the end, what you SHOULDN'T do, is go about asking for free codes. I ask you to just scroll through some of the posts on that free codes thread. Nobody ever gets any when they ask, and that probably won't change, and that's not exactly a bad thing if you know what I mean.



I could say some other things too, but I hope that you see my point 😉.

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Here are some codes I don't need. (I think I don't need them)


Sword and Shield: Rebel Clash

  • 2YC-LKVD-PKQ-2K6
  • QHK-9TJ9-LL9-2CK
  • 2M9-HM29-K9B-DVD
  • 27C-92TR-CDC-MZD

Sword and Shield: Rebel Clash Elite Trainer Box

  • 472-6T74-BHC-7PQ

XY-Steam Siege: Ring of Lightning Theme Deck

  • ZZV-GN72-T67-BNG

Hope everyone gets a fair share of these codes. 

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(Hidden Fates)



(Primal Clash)


Theses are some codes I don't need and I suggest if you want codes, you either use coupons/vouchers or actually 'buy' Pokemon tcg online code **************************************** where you can buy just the codes at a really cheap price (You can already get darkness ablaze on potown?!?!) yeah, I know. If you need codes desperately, i suggest you go to a code store a something like that.




You can get literally everything you need there. One booster pack of any type is like only $0.30!!! And if you do get a physical booster pack it costs like 5 bucks or something like that. This is not advertising.

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