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How did you get into Pokemon? (Intro Page)


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Hey I'm New here,

I saw that there was no introduction page, so I thought I would create one, kind of..

My question to you is:


Who are you?


Where are you from?


How did you get into Pokemon?


What's your favorite Pokemon card?


What made you stay a fan all those years?


& Your 3 favorite memories including Pokemon?


I'll start I'm Sleepy but everyone calls me Nick. I am from Holland, and that's where I noticed my whole neighborhood playing and collecting Pokemon cards, so I got a few packs, mainly the starter packs/desks. Nobody really played the game everyone kind of made up and passed around games. Like throwing them against the wall (seeing who's got closer), I loved to redrawing mine, although I didn't care to copy from their website's Pokedex. I remember it being the first website, I cared to type in as a kid. I really loved the open world Pokemon game at the time everyone was playing blue and red, I didn't get my first gameboy until gold, silver, and crystal. As for Pokemon Cards, my favorite was my first holo Blastoise, but I remember starting to be a little over it when kids would try to trick me out of it, so I got more into the videogames. Right now my favorite card is the Zamazenta V Gold Rare. I saw it the other day on **** after two days of researching Pokemon cards again, I started getting really excited about collecting them for many years to come, now that I am older it's a very special nostalgic feeling, I love that the art is also getting prettier and how much people are starting to value them.What made me a fan of them all these years is what really stuck with me, the way to the adventure, to go go go, to problem solve and always keep moving forward, applied a lot of this childhood energy into my adult life. I think I named more than 3 favorite memories, but my favorite favorite must be playing the games under the covers when I was supposed to sleep, trading Pokemon during time when everyone had to carry around their own cable to trade, I think I got lucky that my whole neighborhood was into it so I really loved and miss the social aspect of it to.


Corona season really got me down about a lot of things that were happening in my life, I was feeling a little lost hopeless, I was so focused on what's next and now all I have is now. I love collecting memories that's why I'm a photography and videographer, but collecting cards, opening cards, starting to play tcg online, has been the distraction that I needed.


I'm always All-in at first but I am really looking forward to the future of Pokemon, with Unite & More coming soon!

I want to stay on top of it. Focus on this instead of all our personal meaningless drama.


Your turn, write, lets connect!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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