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Pokemon TCGO League


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I am a veteran of Pokemon Online, the most popular online multiplayer Pokemon battle simulator. I have peaked at #31 of more than 15,000 players worldwide in my tier before trying out Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. One of the aspects of the simulator I personally enjoyed was the "League", a group of experienced players selected by Pokemon Online to hold "gym battles" and award badges to players who defeat them.


My idea is to bring a Pokemon League to the TCGO. The most skilled, experienced, and creative players will be assembled to host battles against challengers, awarding those who can beat them. The League will serve to inspire competitive play and a sense of accomplishment among all players, from the most devoted and focused to the most passive and relaxed.




Suggested Guidelines


Rules must be enacted to keep the League convenient, effiecient, and fun. The following are my own suggestions; feel free to suggest your own.




  • A committee of administrators will supervise the League.
  • The forum will dedicate a section catagory to the Pokemon TCGO League. Here, users will be able to browse Gym Leaders' information as well as League expectations.
  • Leaders will create a personal page on the aforementioned forum, which includes times they can be found online, battling or deck restrictions, and information on challenging, including how long players must wait to rechallenge. A battle record, with the individual names of the challengers and results, will be posted at the bottom of the page. Leaders may choose to add personal information, such as a background, on their pages.
  • The number and assignment of Leaders will be determined before the League is released. This number may be changed as the League committee sees fit.
  • Leaders will be indicated by a special marker or part of their name in the forum and online.
  • Leaders will create (or select) a unique badge as an image file, which can be posted in the signatures of gym battle winners.
  • Leaders may be removed and replaced for misconduct, inactivity, or incompetence, as the League committee sees fit.
  • These guidelines, if outdated or otherwise in need of change, may be abridged by the League committee.





I believe that the amazing minds that comprise Pokemon TCG Online are capable of anything. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or concerns, please respond to this post. Let's make this League.


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Hello Frozen_Eclipse:


Thank you so much for your Pokemon suggestions and enthusiasm. Your idea for a Pokemon TCGO League is fantastic as it encourages the Pokemon Community to be active while taking part of friendly Pokemon battles.




The purpose of the Pokemon forums is for players to come and share their ideas and other Pokemon Related material.




I will go ahead and forward your forum post to the proper department for consideration. We have one of them most enthusiastic communities online and all of your ideas are always welcomed!


Thank you soooo very much for your support!






Robot Sky Pirate Moderator and master of Tepigs


“Never let your morals stand in the way of doing what’s right”


Isaac Asimov




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nice tepig prof.tech. And Frozen Eclipse this is a great way of saving this from ending and it is well to attract people to join and do this.


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Suggestion: If you complete the entire "League", you get a booster credit (... maybe more depending on what you guys suggest.... and the difficulty)


Suggestion: There should be an Elite Four (:P) for the League. :) I think it would be an interesting system for there to be just the league, but I think if we are awarding "Gym badges" then we should have an Elite Four as sort of a "final battle" like in video games. There are the smaller mini-bosses and then the final few guys you have to face. Finally, you have to face the "ring-leader".


Well, those are my suggestions for now if you guys do create a league system for PTCGO. Nice idea, frozen_eclipse.


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There should be more to league games than mere winning or losing. I think extra points or rewards should be awarded for taking victory by more than one condition or by all three conditions and other factors like time taken innovation and sportsmanship. The initiative is brilliant but without official help and support from PTCGO admins and Pokemon Company this can hardly go much further as this is going to take a huge number of dedicated players and an effective system to keep the whole thing in place.


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