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Returning to the game after many years... have many questions!


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Hi there. Been a long time since I played this game, but it has always had a special place in my heart. I learned how to play during the very first year of my teaching career when I used to see students carrying around binders full of cards. They didn't really spend much time learning the game until I volunteered to learn how to play so that I could teach them. Flash forward many years, and I actually still use Pokemon as a teaching example in my 5th grade Game Logic class.




I was in Target about 2 weeks ago when I saw at the checkout lane a theme deck which said "play this deck online" on the top of the package. That certainly got my attention since I've always wanted to be able to do just that. I never got into the Apprentice thing, and the leagues in my area are unfortunately a bit further away than I have time to get to anymore. This online play, on the other hand, I have very high hopes for.




It's been a long time since I played (actually, I stopped at about the time Nintendo took over the card game), so I've got many questions. I hope someone can please help me out.




- First, let me say a huge THANK YOU to the people involved in making this online version of Pokemon happen. I've wanted something like this for years, and so far it's exceeded my expectations. I've been playing with the Samurott theme deck, and just beat the Gold League in the Trainer Challenge last night. Very much fun. I'm really excited to see how deep this online play goes. I'm aware that this is a beta and that it takes time to work the kinks out of something this complex, so y'all go right ahead and do it right. I'll still be here.




- Is there really no non-flip Energy Removal trainer-type-card anymore? How about Gust of Wind? Pokemon Center? Recycle Energy? (I used to play several Venusaur + Pokemon Center type decks with great success.) Perhaps the best question to ask is "which old school cards no longer exist or have no modern equivalent?"




- Do Darkness and Metal energies work the way they used to? I was in a game in the Trainer Challenge last night and I noticed that the AI had a Metal Pokemon with a Metal energy attached to it, and my attacks didn't lose any of their effectiveness. I also saw the same happen with a Dark Pokemon and a Darkness energy which didn't deal additional damage. Are you still limited to only 4 energies in a deck, or are these now common energies?




- Concerning plugging booster pack codes into the online system, from which expansions will the online cards come? Only Black and White? Or other sets? Also, which expensions will be included in the game's arsenal? For instance, if I am hoping to see a card from a older expansion such as Fire Red and Leaf Green, will this eventually be possible? I have someone sending me some codes to get into the closed beta, so I don't know how this works just yet.




- Will this online game eventually have microtransactions? Like, say, if I want to "buy" a specific card, would that be possible? ('Cause I'd do that.)




- Just a suggestion for the avatar editor if a mod sees this - could we please get a single goatee? My face looks kinda funny in 2 pieces like this. (^_^)




More to come as I think of it... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Good Morning Axelay!




Your dedication and passion are definitely shining through this, I hope I can be as much help as I can.




A. The cards in the game on the trainer challenge are basically just 'training packs'. It is merely a tool to teach people how to play the game. So it will be very basic.




B. The online section will allow you to unlock cards through starter and booster packs. Here you will see a much grander variety of cards to choose from!




C. Microtransactions are not officially announced, just keep your eyes open for future updates. regular_smile.png




D. I assure you there are many awesome things are on the way!







"Listen up, Simon. Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in me, who believes in you!"


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<span>EDIT: I guess I'm a little late bro.


Your first question, would be better answered who has been in this longer than me. I used to play a long time ago but I got out around the same time. I was wondering that too!




With the metal and dark energies, there are metal and dark energies just like the normal water/electric/grass type energies AND the special energies that have added effects. There are common energies and the special energies.




As of now, in the closed beta, there are Heart Gold Soul Silver, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant, and Black and White. They might add more, they might not. You get to pick the pack to recieve in the online game when you put in the code inside booster packs. A MOD might be able to give you more info, if they're allowed to yet, on whether there will be more or not.




And that's all I can answer bro. I'm glad to see someone like you exists. I would love for you to be my teacher. Haha, I'm teaching my little brother about Pokemon cards more now so I know how fun that is!


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Hmmm, OK. Let me ask a few more things.


- So are there both common Dark/Metal energies which simply fulfill requirements as well as rare Dark/Metal energies which both fulfill requirements as well as give special benefits (additional damage/defense)?


- When I plug in a code from a booster pack, it gives 10 cards in the online game, right? So plugging in multiple codes gives 10 cards each time?


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Hey Axelay,


Wonderful to hear a teacher is here. I'm a counselor at a large high school i Miami, and unfortunately I haven't seen any "kids" who play. I'm now talking about Pokemon when I go into a class to make a presentation, and often give a free card when someone is participating or answering a question.


I can't really answer your questions, since I started about 3 years ago, but it is incredibly entertaining to play.


Thanks for your post.


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Wow. I showed my 5th graders the tutorials for the online game this morning and they went absolutely crazy. Their interest in learning to play the game has jumped to a whole new level. Anyway, a few more things have come to mind.


- Does Recycle Energy even exist anymore? I have yet to see any kind of equivalent.


- From which expansions will the cards in TCGO come? I see in the Trainer Challenge that they're not all from Black and White. Will they go as far back as the EX expansions? Someone suggested that they will go only as far back as Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Is this true?


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At the moment they only go back to HG/SS, but we've been campaigning for cards from further back. I don't know if it will work since all the torunaments here soon will start only allowing back to HG/SS.




Sorry, I haven't ever seen a recycle energy.




Yes there are normal steel/dark energies, but the ones with the added effects still exist as well.




Something to keep in mind: The codes are only in certain speically marked Black and White packs, that are only being shipped to small game shops.




As to exact cards I suggest looking up the ones you have questions about on Bulbapedia.




Oh and I am working to be a teacher, Jr. High English. I wonder if there is a way to justify the game in that context . . .


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