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When Buying a pokemon that is higher then basic I will include the line in the deal, I would also hope to get the same. I am open to other deals as well as long as they are good ones, so feel free to offer. I do have plenty of other cards and if you need something else I may have it so again feel free to ask. Cheers!




Cards I will add to trades fo free: Sudowoodo (UL), Gigalith (NV), Reuniclus (NV), Cofagrigus (NV).






2x Terrakion FA (2 Packs) ea


2x Hydreigon (2 Packs) ea


1x Cobalion RV (NV) (2 Packs)


3x V-create Victini (1.5 Packs) ea


1x Emboar ability (2 Packs) ea


1x N FA (2 Packs)


1x Rare Candy RV (3.5)


2x Eviolite RV (1 Pack )


1x Super Scoop Up RV (1 Pack )


1x DCE (2packs) ea


2x Juniper








3x Zekrom


3x Haxorus






















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1x Reshi for Candy or Catcher?



Whats with all the low balls, Reshiram isnt worth a catcher and a candy they are the two most sought after items.


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1. I said OR


2. its FA, which is worth a Catcher





I feel like an idiot, sry man i came off rude and it was because I didnt read. I will do it for the Candy will be on tomorrow all day and for a little bit tonight whenever you want to.


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3 tyflostion prime for 2 cather and 6 packs





I dont have any packs my man, I am only trading cards I have any others you need?


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ok how about 2 typlosions for 2 catcher and a apility emboar





i will put in my binder 1x tepig, 1x pignight, 1x abiliboar and 2 catchers for your 2 phlosion lines


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I have an spare Typhlosion Prime, and looks like a good deal would be for a Hydreigon and a DCE? Just asking...




EDIT: Eh looks like you got them already. Nevermind then...


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