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Graveyard Deck


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Elektrik 4-4


Lantern 4-4


Audine 4


Zekrom 4






engineer adjustment 4


Prof elm 4


Pokemon Catcher 4


Junk Arm 2


Sage's Training 2




20 Thunder Energy.






All creatures will be able to attack with thunder energy. Deck pretty much consists of getting thunder energy from discard pile to creatures as soon as possible. also what works best about this deck, is that for the supporters, you can discard energy cards from your hands to use the effect of the supporters, and later on you can bring the thunder energy back with elektrik.


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With 20 Energy, there is no need to be worried about getting any back from the discard pile. Use 8 basic and 2 Double Colorless. Junk Arm isn't doing anything if you're just getting back Catchers with it. Take away 2 Elm and replace with Pokemon Communication.


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you should reduce your energys:


include interviwers question to help get your energys even special energies. so you add energies from hand & discard pile.


sage training or juniper is good since you can discard the cards you want.


2 communicator shud definatley be replaced with 2 prof elm.


also maybe some max potions & swicthes for those who target your playmaker eeletrik:) but anyway u got four of them.


swithc is very handy for many cases.


other suggestions:


revive for zekrom, or others


a ruins of alph for those who have resistance:)


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There should be some other types of pokemon in this deck. If your deck went up against a deck that has a Donphan Prime or Terrakion in it you'd be in trouble. A Kyurem might be a good card to have in this deck since Outrage needs no water energies to attack and it does lots of damage to most ground types. Eviolite could be useful with Zekrom.


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