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Trading Ttranitar Prime's for Trainers I Need!!!!


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Packs ( have 33 )


3x Tyranitar Prime ( have set 4-3-3)


2x Abiliboar (have set 2-2-2)


3x Hydreigon (have set 4-3-3)


2x Benchtini


2x Fisherman


1x Pokemon Communication






4 Zekrom (BW) ( prefer FA )


3 Tornadus (EP)


2 Pachirisu (CL)


2 Shaymin (UL)


3 Pokémon Catcher


4 Junk Arm




2 Eviolite


2 PokeGear 3.0


3 Collector


2 Sage's Training




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Ill offer you a pack for ea TTP.


Dont really need it but its a offer for you to consider at least.



1 pack for a tyranitar?? its value is 3 , thx for the offer but i will have to decline.


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I'll trade an Eviolite for a booster pack - this trade is fair, but you can counteroffer if you like.





Thanks for the offer but I no longer need those, cheers!


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