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Need help with Hydreigon Deck.


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Hi all was wondering if you could all help me with building my semi-competetive deck. Dont care if it is amazing just want to win 50/50.




So id like it to be abiliboar/ hydreigon deck cause thats what i have for cards.. i just need the numbers and what you think i need for supporters/trainers and such please help thx.


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3-2-3 Hydregion Line


2-1-2 Emboar Line


3 Tornadus


1 Cleffa


3 VCreatetini


Total: 20




3 Pont


4 Collectors


2 Catchers


3 Junk Arms


2 Switch


3 Pokemon Communications


2 Judge/N/Juniper/Sage


3 Rare Candy


2 Fisherman


Total: 24




2 Rescue




11 Fire Energy


Total: 16


Simple Explanation:


While you set up your bench hard hitters such as vcreatini/benchtini or tornados can come in Handy for low energy cost.


You Need alot of draw power with decks like these and with 2 stage 2s Rare candies are the way to go in order to make things work faster.


Decent amount of enegy considering that your running Emboar, Rescue Energies to help keep your bench full powering up your Benchtinis and DCEs to help Tornados & Hydregion get the job done fast.




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