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meanboy305 Wants


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Hi Guys!




2x reshiram FA.


1x magnezone prime


1x Pachirisu


2x Zekrom


1x yanmega Prime


1x Electrode prime


1x machamp prime










2x Kindgra Prime


2x Absol prime


2x ampharos prime


1x mew prime


1x Slowking Prime


1x espeon prime


1x Blissey prime




Notable Rares & holos


x2 Jumpluff (Have the Full Line)


x2 Shaymin


x2 Serperior Ability (Have the Full Line)


x2 Sunflora (Have the full Line)


x1 Nv Virizion


x1Ninetails Ability(Have Full Line


x1 Reshiram (Not Full art)


x2 carracosta (have Full Line)


x1 Vanilux (have Full Line{


x1 Pichu


x3 Chalendure (have Full Line)


x1 Mismagius (ability)(have Full line)


x1 Tyrougue


x3 Terrakkion (1 Nv & 2 Ep)


x2 Conkeldurr (Have Full Line)


x1 Weavile


x2 Zoroark (foul Play)(have Full lines)


x2 cobalion (1 Nv & 1 EPO)


x2 Druddigons


x2 Cinccino (B/w)


x1 meowth (secret rare)


x1 Darkrai & Cresselia legend (Full)


x1 Entei & Raiku Legend (top)


x1 espeon (Regular)


x1 metagross (Psychic) (Have Full Line)


x2 Bisharp (steel) (Have Full Line)


x2 roserade (have Full Line)


x3 Victini ( 1 V-Blast & 2 V-Create)






1x Catcher


1x Dce


3x Elektrik






You Name it I have it!


(Exept Rare Candy.)






>Please Do NOT Steal Offers


> Offer fair Please, i know my Values.


> Have Fun!












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