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Outrage Deck


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X4 Reshiram


X4 Zekram


X4 Kyruem


X4 Coballion


X4 Audine






X4 Pokemon Catcher


X4 Rocky Helmet


X4 Eviolite


X4 Prof Oak New Theory






X4 Double energy


X 20 Steel Energy




Please comment back, rate and feedback :)


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Actually Feraligatr prime decks cant one shot any of the creatures. i am very familiar with both decks. and one of the main cards in the feraligatr deck is Blastoise which deals 100 max. All Creatures other then audino have 130 hp, so my deck would be stronger wouldnt it?? and lets not forget how strong Outrage will be if you dont Win on first attack :).




Overall this deck works Great Just have some problem against Lanturn/eel Decks Sometimes.


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i think you dont need the junk arms..


substitute some steel energy to special metal energy to make your cobalion more solid steel


and sub some of them to rainbow energies(best for outrage attacks) so you wont have hard time mAtching up the cards..


lastly, i would suggest a switch card (to repel catcher) and an interview question if you can find spaces for your deck..




i hope i dont eat my words >_< havent tried them..


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id cut audino and maybe cut 1 of each of the others for some supporters. especially collector. and rainbow energies wouldnt hurt and add to outrage, and swap 4 metal for 4 special metal. id also suggest a couple switches, and maybe a shaymin


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