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New Cards!! Trading for My Wants


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Ok. I promise to try to keep on top of this topic! I have been working for the last two weeks so I've been busy, but! The season is over, so Pokemon here I come! I just got a lot of new cards here online, so offer what you want. I will put them in my binder once we've come to an agreement here. I'm tired of my binder blowing up on me! =D Happy trading guys!










1x Spinarak


1x Weedile


2x Cottonee (Absorb)


1x Dwebble


1x Foongus


4x Illumise


2x Hoppip


4x Ledyba


1x Chikorita (Nap)


1x Chikorita (Tackle)


3x Petilil (Absorb)


1x Sewaddle (String Shot)


1x Tropius (Gust)


1x Combee


4x Bellsprout


4x Volbeat


2x Yanma (one holo)


2x Oddish


1x Pineco (Rollout)


2x Pineco (Surprise Attack)


2x Tangela




1x Cherrim


1x Crustle


2x Heracross


1x Skiploom


2x Bayleef (one holor)


1x Simisage (holo) (Fury Swipes)


1x Lilligant (Cut)


1x Pinsir (Holo)


1x Swadloon (Razor Leaf)


3x Weepinbell


4x Yanmega




1x Ledian


1x Lilligant (Windmill)


1x Vespiqueen <i>




Holo Rare (Higher Rarities)


1x Serperior (ability)






3x Growlithe (one holo)


2x Darumaka (Firebreathing)


3x Darumaka (Combustion)


1x Larvesta (Ember)


1x Larvesta (Take Down)


3x Slugma (one holo)


2x Magmar (Magma Punch)


5x Vulpix (Ember)


2x Pansear (Beat) (one holo)


2x Ponyta (one holo)


3x Cyndaquil (Flare)




4x Magby


1x Magmar (Combustion)




2x Darmanitan (Fire Punch)


3x Typhlosion (one holo)


Holo Rare (Higher Rarities)


1x Marcargo


1x BOTTOM Ho-Oh Legend


1x Ho-oh


1x Emboar (ability)






1x Marill


3x Basculin (Final Gambit)


1x Cubchoo (Icicle Punch)


1x Ducklett (Water Gun)


4x Ducklett (Rain Splash)


2x Psyduck


2x Totodile (Gnaw)


1x Remoraid


2x Wooper


4x Staryu


2x Tentacool


1x Tympole


2x Relicanth


1x Slowpoke (Whimsy Tackle)


2x Slowpoke (Rain Splash)




2x Corsola (one holo)


2x Croconaw (


1x Cryogonal (Icy Wind)


1x Mantine


1x Qwilfish


1x Tentacruel


2x Vanillish


1x Slowbro (Madkinesis)


1x Slowbro (Starting Trip)




1x Swanna<i>




3x Feraligator (one holo)


Holo Rare (Higher Rarities)


1x Feraligator Prime


1x Kyogre (Destructive Tsunami)


1x Samurott (ability)






4x Mareep


1z Mareep (Static Shock)


1x Blitzle (holo) (Rear Kick)


1x Blitzle (Agility)


1x Joltik (Gnaw)


3x Voltorb


3x Pikachu (Quick Attack)


3x Pikachu (Slam)


2x Tynamo (Tackle)


1x Tynamo (Thunder Wave)


2x Magnemite




2x Flaffy (one holo)


1x Electabuzz


1x Electrode


1x Emolga (Electrichain)


1x Galvantula (Stun Needle)


Holo Rare (Higher Rarities)


1x Raichu (Iron Tail / Thunderbolt)


2x Electross






1x Shuppet


3x Drifloon


1x Elgyem (Calm Mind)


3x Elgyem (First Contact)


1x Gothita (Smack)


4x Gothita (Double Slap)


1x Spoink


1x Gastly


1x Drowzee


2x Jynx


1x Litwick (Teleportation Burst)


4x Litwick (Searing Flame)


2x Misdreavus (Mumble)


1x Solosis (Rollout)


1x Trubbish (holo)


4x Venipede (Poison Sting)


3x Koffing (one holo)


3x Woobat (Psy Bolt)


1x Yanmask (Perplex)


1x Skorupi


1x Nidoran (male) (holo)




2x Gothorita (Psybeam)


1x Gothorita (Deleting Glare)


1x Lampent


1x Sigilyph (Telekinesis)


2x Sigilyph (Psychic Assault)


2x Garbodor


1x Unown (Dark)


3x Unown (Flash) (one holo)


4x Whirlipede (Steamroller)


2x Seviper




1x Gothitelle


2x Scolipede (one special holo)


1x Swoobat (Phat Sound)


1x Smoochum


1x Weezing


1x Cofagrigus (ability)


Holo Rare (Higher Rarities)


1x Slowking Prime


1x Jirachi






1x Phanpy


3x Panphy (ability)


5x Diglett


1x Gligar


2x Golett


3x Hitmonchan


2x Hitmonlee


3x Machop


3x Cubone (one holo)


1x Mankey


4x Roggenrola (Reckless Charge)


6x Sandile (Bite)


3x Sandshrew


3x Timburr (Pound)


2x Timburr (Pummel)


1x Onix (ability)




3x Donphan (one holo)


2x Machoke


3x Boldore (Hard Crash)


2x Krokorok (Crunch)


1x Stunfisk




3x Dugtrio (one holo)


1x Machamp


1x Gigalith (Rock Bullet)


Holo Rare (Higher Rarities)


1x Landorus






3x Murkrow (Astonish)


2x Murkrow (Dark Cutter)


1x Carvanha


5x Stunky (one holo)


1x Sneasel


4x Houndour (Sharp Fang)


1x Houndour (holo) (Jump On)


2x Pawniard




1x Zweilous


1x Sableye


1x Skuntank<i>










1x Ferroseed (Pin Missle)


1x Aron (Metal Sound)


2x Aron (Confront)


5x Mawhile


1x Beldum




1x Durant


1x Ferrothorn (Power Whip)


1x Lairon (Take Down)


2x Metang




1x Escavalier


2x Metagross


1x Skarmory


Holo Rare (Higher Rarities)


1x Cobalion (Metal Horns/Sacred Sword)


1x Bisharp






1x Aipom (Tail Punch)


3x Swablu


2x Audino (Double Slap)


1x Axew (Dual Chop)


7x Clefairy


3x Dratini (two holo)


1x Sentret


2x Girafarig


1x Snubbull


3x Lickitung


2x Lillipup (Pickup/Bite)


1x Herdier


2x Minccino (Tail Slap)


2x Minccino (Last Resort)


2x Hoothoot


2x Patrat (Bite/Tackle)


1x Meowth (Dig Claws)


2x Pidove (Quick Attack)


2x Porygon


1x Stantler


2x Rufflet (Claw)


2x Rufflet (Slash)


1x Togepi (holo)


3x Jigglypuff


2x Teddiursa (Fake Tears)




1x Fraxure


1x Bouffalant (Double Stomp)


1x Dunsparce (Fade Out)


3x Dragonair (two holo)


2x Igglybuff (one holo)


4x Kangaskhan


2x Lickilicky (one holo)


2x Cinccino (Fluffy Tail)


2x Pidgeotto (one holo)


2x Wigglytuff (one holo)


1x Tauros




1x Ditto (Ability)


1x Druddigon (Ability)


2x Dragonite


Holo Rare (Higher Rarities)


1x Porygon-Z


1x Rayquaza (Inferno Spear)








3x Energy Search


4x Potions


2x Plus Power




1x Cover Fossil


2x Dual Ball (one holo)


1x Energy Exchanger


1x PokeGear 3.0


3x Defender


3x Full Heal


1x Legend Box


1x Pokemon Reversal


1x Recycle


1x Research Record


1x Super Rod


1x Moomoo Milk


1x Switch (holo)<i>




1x Xtransceiver










4x Bianca


1x Black Belt (holo)


7x Interviewer's Questions


1x Sage's Training


1x Professor Oak's New Theory


3x Professor Elm's Training Method


1x Copycat


3x Team Rocket's Trickery<i>












1x Ruins of Alph


2x Indigo Plateau




2x Arcanine


1x Gyrados


1x Espeon


2x Liepard


2x Togekiss


2x Noctowl


Call of Legend Packs


Heart Gold / Soul Silver Packs


Please, make fair trades, guys! Willing to trade A LOT of my cards for packs as well. Just trying to clean house!!


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what colbalion is that? and which lieapard do u want?



Any Liepard will do.


The Cobalion has the moves Metal Horns and Sacred Sword.


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Interested in the Oddish, Hoppit and Skiploom. Have any common or uncommon card you need?





Not really, but you can make an offer. I put them into my binder for you. =)


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im interested in donphan prime and landorous


i have 2 arcanine, 1 garados, 2 liepard, 1 espeon, and maybe 1 togekiss



I don't know. I was going to trade those two for packs... I'll have to think about that one. I'm sorry.


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Your Donphan Prime for my Togekiss, Leafeon, Espeon, Liepard, 4 Judge, and a Psychic Victini?



I'm looking more for packs for that, than cards. Sorry.


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if you ever want to do this deal let me know


2 arcanine


1 gyados


1 leipard


and their prevos for 2 packs



Like I give you two packs? Because I deff don't have packs lol and I won't be buying any for awhile. =) But I'll keep it in mind!


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So you wanted regular Espeon right? I have a prime one. D: poop



Yes, just a regular one. Sorry! =D I don't have anything of value for a prime!! haha


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