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Generation Card Themes

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Hey, I'm not sure how many people could help with this, but can somebody fill me in on the card themes for each generation?  Or rather, which cards were the main focus?


When I was forced to focus on life, it was when Gen II started to come out, and they were breaking the Dark Pokemon cards.  When I came back, it was when Gen IV was just coming to an end, and Gen V was winding down with the Team Plasma cards, I think.  I know there is more, so can somebody fill me in on the blanks.  If I'm wrong, somebody is going to correct me, no matter what.


Here are the things I remember so far:


Gen I-Everything was new

Gen II-Dark Pokemon

Gen III-absolutely clueless

Gen IV- Legends

Gen V- EX, Team Plasma

Gen VI-Mega, Break, Team Magma, Team Aqua

Gen VII-GX, Team-ups

Gen VIII-V, V-Max


This is all that comes to mind, sorry if I missed up somewhere.  Also figured, be a nice activity to do during this whole mess.

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Posted (edited)

Not an expert, indeed I discovered this game just at the  beginning of XY but I would say:


Gen III: ex (different than EX), Gold star. Delta species δ

Gen IV also LV X, G, GL, 4, F(&)B, Prime

Gen V Ace specs came here, not pokémon but...

Gen VII also Prism star


And for sure there are some more I don't even know.


Edit: F(&)B, remove the (&), censor things...




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