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If you were a Gym Leader

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Yeah, I'm kinda bored right now,  so here's a fun little questionnaire for everyone.  :P


If you were a gym leader...
1. What would your Type specialty be?
2. What would be something that you're known for? i.e. a job outside of the gym, a particular training style, personality, etc.
3. What would your challenge/trial be?
4. What would your team be, and which pokemon would be your ace?  (Optional) How would each one fit into your strategy?


As for me

1.  Dragon of course!

2.  Instead of directly commanding my pokemon in battle like most trainers are seen doing,  I would instead train them on how to strategize on their own, how to use type advantages, and how to recognize and counterattack when they are at a disadvantage themselves.  I'd offer coaching in battle when it's needed, but ultimately my pokemon would be the ones deciding what to do.  And since they wouldn't have to wait for commands, they'd be able to strike and react a lot faster.
I'd also be known for insisting on only using luxury balls,  because "They just look classy as heck!  Besides, my pokemon train and fight hard.  They deserve to relax hard too."

3.  Challengers would have their pokemon battle one-on-one with my other gym trainers' pokemon. But they would not be allowed to give commands to their pokemon during the battle, only counsel them before the battle. The challenger's pokemon must be able to win battles without any direct input from their trainer.

4.  Kommo-o (Ace), Flygon, Goodra, Duraludon, Dragapult, and Noivern. Most of them are capable of Fire or Fighting type moves which would make them an offensive threat to Ice type despite being at a disadvantage. And some are also capable of Poison or Steel type moves, which would allow them to effectively counter their other weakness, Fairy type as well. Duraludon in particular would be an effective counter against attempted type advantage exploiters since it lacks all of the weaknesses usually associated with Dragon type.

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1 Fairy!

2 I would have a kindergarten or child place where pokémon and kids would share the time together and learn from each other.

3 2 vs 2 combat in a forest.

4 Silveon (Ace), Gardevoir, Aromatisse, Diancie, Altaria, Mawile. Some of them can MEGA evolve and I would have Fairy, Dragon, Steel, Psychic and Rock types to combat weaknesses.

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1. Water/ Lighting - if allowed 

2. I would probably have a windy water lighting storm...don't worry, there would be protection from the thunder. 

3. 1 on 1 battles, but against the leader 2 vs 2 

4. Primairna (Ace) Zekrom, Lugia, Swampert, and Gliscor 

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1. All my Pokemon must have either Water-typing or Ice-typing

2. I will have a TCG center in my Gym

3. Before they challenge me to a Pokemon battle, they must beat my Water deck at Pokemon TCG battle first

4. I will have 1 pure Water-type, 1 pure Ice-type, 1 Water/Ice-type, 1 Ice/Water-type, 1 Water-type with non-Ice secondary typing, and 1 Ice-type with non-Water secondary typing. Preferably if all of  those came from different generations. Probably something like this:

a. Suicune

b. Glaceon

c. Lapras

d. Walrein

e. Swanna

f. Mr. Rime

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