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Why is the Black and White trainer deck so underpower?


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I know that it is a starter kit for first time players... but come on, it is really bad compare to the other theme decks. As a matter of fact it is the ONLY deck that after you got all 12 rewards that it is different from the actual physical deck. I think the deck, after all unlock, is the actual deck you suppose to get like other theme deck (but not this case).


Honestly, I felt a bit ripped off after realizing that this is the only deck that is different from the rest. Sure it gives you a booster pack but It is missing at least 3 stage2 pokemons so it will take at least 3 booster packs and some really good luck to get the exact deck that it suppose to be.


I think the price should be lower since it cost the same as other theme deck. Or may be they should consider having the actual final version of the deck with some spare cards to rotate in and just skip the booster pack. It is not good trade-off... not even close.


Still it is fun to use to train my kids first time and the 30 cards each deck is good for their small hands. I have to say that it is a much better tool compare to the theme decks.


Ok enough of my rant ha ha...


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