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Free codes for what? Guess the card I'm seeing!!


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Also: Decidueye (Sun & Moon) Dhelmise (Sun & Moon)

My guesses: Trevenant (XY) Mewtwo (Shining Legends) Mew (Shining Legends) Pumpkaboo (XY) Gourgeist (XY) Shiftry (XY) Zarude (Sword & Sheild-Vivid Voltage)

Trevenant (XY)


I can attack your card,

Using the attack of any in play.

Using my energy,

To give you a bad day!


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On 4/9/2021 at 5:10 PM, Chasista said:

Mew EX DRX 46


That is the one!!


I stand with no one around me,

This is a game of trickery.

To throw you off, eyes appear,

Slashing, to cause fear...

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Hmmmm.... One of you has the right character, but wrong expansion...


So!? LOL, another clue and see what happens....


I stand at the ready,

Not in the shadows.

But in the clear,

Stand alone but without fear.

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18 hours ago, Chasista said:

Pawniard CEC


Cosmic Eclipse is the one... Pawniard!!


I sit in my garden,

Foliage surrounds.

Smells in the air,

Run, I abound. 

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