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Just Started Out!


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Don't know what I want, so I'm just listing what seems good with what I have:


2x Shell Armor Samurott


1x Full Art Thundurus


1x Full Art Terrakion


1x Regular Terrakion


1x Promo Zekrom


1x Conkeldurr


1x Zoroark


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I'll trade you a 3-2-1 line of Chandelure 3 Litwick 2 Lampent and 1 Chandelure and a Serperior Ability for a full art thundurus and the promo zekrom


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Hello Trainers!


I'm glad to see everyone having fun but please refrain from spamming the thread. That way, everyone can post their messages and have fun.


Thanks Trainers!


Professor Watermelon



"There is no knowledge that is not Power"


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