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I think I have been ripped off!


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my mom got me 3 booster packs in stocking for christmas.BUT they seem quite strange.


a shiny backed rounded and eyed tranquill


the last card in the pack was turned backwards


i got BW cards in a undaunted and COL pack wrapping


finally,a take down tepig was shiny lined all over the card


was I ripped off!?


(i did get 2 royal heal serperiors though.)


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Hey Trainer!


The Pokémon Support Team handles these kind of issues, so please log-in and submit a ticket via www.support.pokemon.com. Make sure to include:


Location of Purchase:


Current Location:


Scanned Images of the packaging and UPC codes:


Deck Type:


Thanks for playing!




Prof. Capybara







"Never knows best..."


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