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How many Pokémon do you actually have for both Ultra and Master League?


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Aside from the low percentage of top trainers who actually PVP regularly such as myself I have to admit that I am severely underpowered for both Ultra and Master. I've always been invested in Great League because that's where mostly everyone plays and that's the league that the Silph Arena hosts and focuses on. It's also the league that has boosted Pokémon Go's popularity with the PVP content community. There's just so much potential within it because there's always something new and fresh on the horizon. I now see that focusing on just GL was probably a mistake LOL.

I have plenty of options to choose from for both UL and ML but the problem for me as well as most of the playerbase out there will be not having enough stardust to invest in these 2 very expensive leagues. UL and ML are the leagues where you'll find near perfect to perfect IVs Pokémon. Pokémon that cost 300k stardust with 3 moves if they're not lucky trades. Pokémon that are only obtained through raids or special research. It's an entirely whole new playing field.

I do not believe I will be able to participate wholeheartedly in the UL and ML preseason. I have at the most 4 pokémon with 3 moves for each league and neither of them make up great team comps. Which brings me back to my question. Title.

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