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Malamar + Corviknight Deck


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I came up with this idea yesterday and was working on toward this idea with Corviknight since I love his attack a lot. and wanted to find ways to make this consistent. first I tried this with Naganadel and Quagsire but it bricked badly. next I thought using Malamar and Jirachi  style like it been use with Giratina and Ultra necrozma decks, so I thought to use that and it does help a lot better but I am unsure if there still better way to make it consistent as I seen it is still a bit clunky. 


Deck List:  

*Pokemon*: 18

3 x Rookidee ShSh

3 x Corviknight ShSh

2 x Jirachi TU

3 x Inkay FL

3 x Malamar FL

3 x Lucario & Melmetal TU

1 x Cobalion


*Trainers*: 32

3 x Metal Frying Pan FL

4 x Pokemon Communication TU

2 x Switch

3 x Viridian Forest TU

3 x PokeGear 3.0 UB

2 x Tag Call CE

3 x Rare Candy CS

2 x Escape Board  UP

3 x Cynthia UP

3 x Cynthia & Caitlyn CE

3 x Mallow & Lana CE 


*Energies*: 10

4 x Metal

6 x Psychic


I hope i can get some feedback in how i could make this deck better, I was thinking for a 3rd jirachi but I don't have another copy of it yet. 


Thank you for your time in reading this. 

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