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Booster Packs from the shop...Help?


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When you use Booster Credits for the packs in the shop, how do you get those cards after they've been "purchased"? where do I go to see them and/or use them?


And how do I make my own deck instead of using the pre-built basic decks?


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Hi Dragon_rider92!


To open your packs, simply head over to the TCGO homepage, then click the 'Collection' icon in the lower right.


When you click on the 'Packs' tab, you'll see your deck, just waiting to be opened!


If you want a more comprehensive intro to the TCGO (including a tutorial on how to open packs), please visit Prof_Snow's Player's Guide. That'll also show you where to go to learn about Deck Construction, too.


Hope that helps!




Captain Lone Starr



"Welcome to real life!"


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