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Zen's Trading thread


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I'm trading the following cards, Im after packs after cards but I do need an espeon, Legends and try any other offers if you like. Some things I post will be in a set for convienience




2x spinarak


1xRH Ariados


1x Whimsicott


1x Kricketune (With kricketot if needed)


1x RH lilligant and one normal


1X Leavanny set


1x RH thyphlosion


1x RH Plusle


1x RH minun


1x Beheeyem (With elgyem if needed)


1x RH Ghastly


1x RH Sigilyph


1x Klingklang


2x Seeker (trainer)


1x Twins (trainer)


1x N (trainer)






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