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Wolfless' Trade Thread :P


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Lol this is my first time making a trade thread so it might be bad. :( But i'll try my best. I'll trade cards for cards or cards for packs. All this is done with a point system.






Chandelure lines (2)


Reuniclus lines (2)


Kyurem(s) (7)






Archetops (.5)


Boufalant (.5)


Ditto (.5)


Druddigon (.5)


Vanilluxe (1.5)


Bisharp (Steel) (1)


Cobalion (2.5)


Emboar (3)


Fliptini (2.5)


Fa Cobalion (3.5)


Fa N (3)






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Hmmm, this "point" system counts regarding packs? Like 1 point equals a pack?




I think I can give you the Chandelure line, one Fliptini, one Druddigon and two Bouffalant (I bet is the rare one you are looking for).




All would be worth 5 points right?


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no problem anything to do my job of helping do you want to trade i don;t have any packs but i have foils about 4 foils for any 1 cards


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