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[GAME] 'Sort by:' does not function correctly in certain circumstances during trade


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Client Version:


Steps to reproduce:


Go to collection / view a player's collection for trade in private trade

Go to a tab that is either Trainer or Packs (bug works with both)

Sort by: 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)'

Go to Trade

Create Private Trade

Go to the tab that you previously sorted


Result: (I think) Items are sorted by 'Alphabetical (A-Z)'

Expected Result: Items are sorted by 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)'


How to prevent this:


Change sort to something else then change back to 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)'


Don't leave Trainer / Packs tab sorted by 'Expansion (Newest-Oldest)'


I am unsure if this also happens if different tab / sort combinations are used but I am positive that this happens in this case.


Please tell me if this also happens on your devices, thanks !

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I can confirm this happens to me too so it's as Alphaia said a global bug. Did not a lot of test but I found it happens too.

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