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IcePops55 Trading Thread!


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Hello and welcome to my little trade thread. I'll be posting some cards that I have that I want to trade and you give me offers.


I prefer packs in order: UnLeashed, TriuMphant, Emerging Powers, then it doesn't matter.


Please be aware that I do not have a lot of cards and I'm trying to get more!






Emboar with abilty (2 packs)


Magmortar- top ****** (1 pack)


Sunflora (2 packs)


Hydreigon (3 packs)


<strike>Thundurus reg. (3 packs)</strike>


Tyranitar (Not Prime) (1 pack)


Samurott w/oability (1 pack)


Cobalion NV reg. (2 packs)


Rotom (1 pack)




Crobat Primes and line


Special Dark energies


Packs Are Main Priority!




Thanks for visiting,




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gggrrraaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!1 Please never do that. If it hasn't been accepted already(which is a slim chance) tell me tommorrow. Otherwise, ill trade it for Hydregion and Rotom.


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