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New Player Deck Help. Expanded Format.

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So, I've been playing the TCG, for probably 2-3 weeks, not new to card games, but very new to pokemon. Been playing a water Alolan Ninetales deck, and doing well. Win probably 7 percent of my games, and won 2/3 event tournaments I tried. (Expanded)

But with Pokemon V being the new thing in SwSh, I worry that Ninetales may get kind of obsolete if Vmax rises to replace GX. 

So I've been trying to workout a new expanded deck, that runs the same consistent water engine, but with the new Lapras Vmax, I have a rough list, and was hoping to get some feedback from some more experienced players. Here's my list:

Lapras V x2 
Lapras VMax x2 
Alolan Ninetales x1 (starter deck)
Alolan Vulpix x1 (Gri)
Remoraid x2 (Bkt) 
Octillery x2 (BKT) 
ManaphyEX X1 (BKP)
PalkiaEX x2 (BKP)

Water energy x14 
DCE x1 

Cynthia x4 
Sightseer x4 
Guzma x3 
Mallow & Lana x2 

Brooklet Hill x3 

Max Elixer x4 
Aqua Patch x4 
Dive Ball x4 
Switch x2 
Energy Switch x2 

Thanks in advance!!

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