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Building the PCU

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Hey, quick question, with Pokemon Cinematic Universe pretty much under construction, and probably being made to coincide with Nintendo's new Smash Bros Universe, what would you like to see added to the PCU?  While the main focus would be on the video games, the main ones probably used to create different arcs, yet is there anything you would like to see added alongside them to build a bigger story?


Like for example, what side games would you like to see become a movie?  For me, I wouldn't mind seeing Pokemon Snap get turned into a movie, since Detective Pikachu proved that you can have a good movie with very little battles.


Or say, have the movie focus on a specific individual or group, human or pokemon?  Like say, a Team Rocket origin story, showing how the group was formed, or how Giovanni fits into it, along with maybe a sequel that comes after the Gold and Silver movie.  Where after losing in the Red and Blue movie, Giovanni is shown doing some soul-searching, to see what he can do to make things right for all of the bad he has done, things like that.


Well, that is all I have to give out, if you want to share, go ahead.

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