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Bug with Cassius Card

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Hello everyone! I'm having trouble with a bug in the game with the supporter card Cassius, so I want to share the problem with you, to check if have a chance to fix this problem.Well, the card is just isn't working as expected, the description of the card says, + or - : "Shuffle one of your pokémon and all cards attached to him in your deck". In the last matches that I played using this card, when I was supposed "to choose one pokémon and shuffle him in my deck" the choosen pokémon to do that was disappeared(not going to deck) and then one of my benched pokémon was KNOCKED OUT! Then my opponent got a free and not fair prize card...

Then the bug was not finished yet, the pokémon that was disappeared with the use of the Cassius reappeared with the knocked out pokémon up him...Really that is disgusting...

I just won a dishonest match because of this bugthat is something that I don't want to do. Pls help to fix this bug, I love the game and I still want to play it!

P.S: The bug was making my pokémon invincible too, staying with negative HP and being not knocked out, when my opponents was playing normally.

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