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DP Remake: An easy challenge?

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Hey everyone, with Sword and Shield now out on the Switch, that tends to mean that by the end of next year, a remake is going to coming soon.  Yet thinking compared to say BW, it might be the easiest of the two to remake.  With DP, when it first came out for the DS, the only thing it used the second screen for was for the Poketch apps, and the underground.  Yet when the remake comes for the Switch, all that needs to be done is to figure out if, and how, a Poketch would work on the Switch since the games are back to being one screen again.  The underground, would probably need some serious creativity.


Another thing that would make the remake a bit easier would be it's connection with Pokemon Home when it comes out, and how it would connect to the Pal Park.  Since in the original, you needed to have a DS with a spare slot on the bottom, in order to plug in the Gen III games into it in order to transfer Pokemon.  With the remake, all one really needs is an account with Pokemon Home, along with knowing which pokemon could be transferred into the games, since Gen VIII is going to be a more restrictive generation.


If anybody is still wondering why DP would be easier to remake when compared to BW, well here is something to consider.  Black and White came out some time after the DSi came out, and GameFreak made full use of the second screen, which became a basis for the games that came out on the 3DS, along with a few other things.  Yet when it becomes time for BW to become remade, it would probably have more things that would need to be changed in order to work on the Switch, or whatever comes afterwards.


Well, that's it from me, and if I missed anything, or if you want to add anything, feel free to share.

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