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Could you help me with my deck?


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I would like help with my deck. Any ideas are welcome




3 squirtle


2 wartortle


1 blastoise


3 totodile


2 croconaw


1 feraligatr prime


3 psyduck


2 golduck


2 cubchoo


1 beartic (I use the icy wind one cuz its a bit easier to set up (only needs 1 energy) and it puts the enemy to sleep. But I really want the sheer cold version)


1 mantine


1 cleffa


1 audino (powerful slap)




4 pokemon communications


1 great ball


2 potions


2 switches


2 cheren


2 interviewers questions


1 pokemon collector


1 fisherman


1 professor elm training method


20 water energy (too much?)


i focus on getting feraligatr on the field quickly as possible. then, I put energy on the field to power up golduck and if possible i set up blastoise to snipe the bench for 100 damage. Mantine lets me search for pokemon which is good and helps me set up feraligatr quickly. I know I need rare candies to set up feraligatr and blastoise quicker but i'm short on packs to get them. I also need another Feraligatr prime and some Kyurem. tell me what you think I should do. Please? I wanna get good at this game :) any advice is appreciated




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Okay, you need less energy, 10-12 is fine. You don't need audino, and you need another gatr prime and blastoise. You also need more collectors, PETMs and you need PONTs. Take out the Potions and add in rare candies.


I can trade you another Blastoise if you check my thread and make an offer. www.pokemontcg.com/forums/tcg-online-trading-26/topics/my-5th-trading-thread-looking-for-packs-and-magneboar-cards


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