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My list of needs and haves


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Here are my needs and haves list. The numbers before the names is how many I want or how many I have. The number after the names is the value of the items. These values are just comparisons to each other. Please tell me what you think and suggest a pokemon to add or change. Sorry if I spell a pokemon wrong. I hope somebody likes something.




1x Samurott (3.5)


1x Zorua (1.5)


1x Zoroark (3.5)


1x Totodile (1)


1x Crocnaw (3)


1x Feraligatr (3.5)


1x Squirtle (1)


1x Wartortle (2.5)


1x Blastoise (3.5)


1x Dieno (1.5)


1x Suicune (5)


1x Kyogre (5)


1x Palkia (5)


1x Lugia (5)


1x Any Packs (2) (I WILL TAKE MORE THAN 1 PACK)




1x Tepig (2)


1x Pignite (3.5)


1x Oshawott (2)


1x Snivy (2)


1x Red Arceus Coin (0.25)


1x Blue BW Starters Coin (0.75)


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nah sorry only take dark and water tyranitar20 do you have a palkia? trainersnivy im sorry but I cant make the deal anymore cause somebody accepted my public offer for just pidgy and pidgeotto. I am very sorry but when I went into trade to change my binder and take the public offer off i realised it was accepted.


<u style="font-weight: bold; ">LIST[/u] UPDATED


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