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M Charizard Ex Deck

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Hi, this is the first deck that I create, I want to use it in competitive:


3 Mega Charizard Ex (Evoluzioni) 
3 Charizard Ex (Evoluzioni)
3 Tapu Lele Gx (Guardians Rising)
2 Ho Oh Gx (Burning Shadows)
1 Turtonator Gx (Guardians Rising) 
1 Volcanion Ex (Steam Siege) 
1 Oranguru (Sun & Moon) 
4 Pokemon Center Lady 
4 Ultra ball 
4 Kiawe 
4 Choice Band 
3 Charizard Spirit Link 
3 Guzma 
3 Cynthia 
2 Super Potion 
2 Nest Ball 
2 Float Stone 
2 Super Rod 
13 Fire Energy 
1 Psychic Energy 


How is it? Should I change something? Please give me some advice 


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