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Just a normal trade thread...looking for packs mostly, a few cards too


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NOTE: I will always round up if prices are uneven.








Serperior (A ) x15 ------ 1.5 packs each


Emboar (A) x16 ------ 1.5 packs each


Samurott (A) x15 ------ 1.5 packs each


Reuniclus (A) ------ 2 packs


Landorus ------ 2 packs


Terrakion (EP) x4 ------ .5 pack


Terrakion (NV) x3 ------ 1.5 packs each


Cobalion (EP) ------ 1 pack


Cobalion (NV) x2 ------ 2 packs each


Cobalion (FA) ------ 3 packs


Virizion (NV) ------ 2 packs


Tornadus (FA) ------ 3 packs


Shaymin x2 ------ 4 packs each


Kyurem ------ 5.5 packs


Fliptini (FA) ------ 3 packs


Reshiram (Promo) ------ 2 packs


Pichu x2 ----- 1.5 packs


Cleffa x2 ----- 1.5 packs


Tyrogue ----- 1.5 packs








Donphan x2 ------ 4 packs


Ampharos x4 ----- 1.5 packs


Absol ------ 1.5 packs


Blissey ------ 1 pack


Yanmega ------ 5 packs


Tyranitar ------ 3 packs


Kingdra x2 ------ 4 packs


Steelix x2 ------ 1 pack


Celebi ------ 1.5 pack




Ho-Oh ----- 1.5 packs


Palkia/Dialaga ------ 2.5 packs




Rare Candy x2 ------ 3 packs


Poke Collector x3 ----- 2.5 packs


Double colorless x3 ------ 2 packs






If there are any commons/uncommons you would like feel free to ask. IF I have them I will gladly trade them 4 for a pack :)












I am mostly looking for packs (Preference order is: TM, UL, NV, HGSS, NV, EP, BLW, UD, CoL)




Cards that would interest me:


3x Gothielle (A)


1x Thundurus (any type)


3x Lanturn Prime


1x Feraligatr Prime










I will keep this up to date as I can :)


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I have an extra Feraligatr prime.


I am interested in Shaymin.


Do you need any thing besides the Primes?



Unfortunately, I am not looking for anything else currently. :(






P.S. Added prices.


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Feraligatr and Landorus(i know it isnt a want) for Candy and Reuniclus?





No, thank you. I really only want the cards I listed currently.


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3 Rare candy


2 catchers


3 junk arms


1 VCreatetini


4 collectors




thats what I need, what can you do? I also have a set of Tyranitar prime for trade (4-3-3)


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@Locke39- I'm not really looking for Ttar, thank you though. Of what you asked for I have




2x Rare Candy (6)


3x Junk Arm (2)


1x V-Createtini (1.5)


3x Collectors (7.5)


2x DCE (4)




Adds up to 21 Packs if you are interested please let me know.


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