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Absol/Lucario Deck


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First deck I've tried constructing, still in the works, but let me know if the idea behind it is good.




2 4 Lucario


4 Absol


3 Cleffa


4 2 4 Reuniclus






2 Rare Candy


4 Pokemon Communication


4 Pokemon Collector




2 Catchers


3 Plus Power


3 Junk Arm


3 Switch






10 Dark




Use Absol to get pokemon into Lost Zone to power Lucario. Reuniclus to keep damage spread out. Use spare riolus/solosis/duosion to fill Lost Zone.




1. Strong right out of the box with Absol. You can hit 70 by turn two, and be setting up Lucario for when he comes out.


2. Not very energy dependent. really you just need a DCE and 2 Darks and thats all the energy you need to keep it going.


3. Pretty cheap to make compared to ZPST, MagneZone, and Kyreum decks out there.




1. Slow to set up with Lucario. I need 5 pokemon in the Lost Zone to get Lucario KOing everything, and that will take at least 5 turns.


2. Putting stuff in Lost Zone is dangerous.


3. Low hp. Reuniclus helps this somewhat, but if he gets catchered in or sniped off the bench, things can get hairy quickly.




Any tips? I'd like to keep with the Absol/Lucario deck design ideally. Thanks everyone!




EDIT: Thought about ti some more, cleaned it up a lot, so its more focused.


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Twins would help you - this deck is pretty slow, so your opponent has time to gather Prizes early. This lets you use Twins and set up later in the game. Another idea - try to get some more Rare Candy, so you can evolve faster. Also, since a lot a cards are just going to become fodder to put in the Lost Zone, Gengar Prime's Poke-Body can let you force Pokemon into the Lost Zone faster, and Pachirisu can push Energy cards in.


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Since you have so many Solosis you could start with (bad thing). I think you need more Lucario's because you do want to mainly attack with Lucario? You need six turns to KO every popular card out there exept Terrakion. Next format you might have to deal 180 damage. You may want to add some fighting eneries in the deck to attack with Lucario's second attack when you are facing a Magnezone deck (Since you can KO it with it's second attack). Reuniclus isn't that useful because a lot of your guys will be KO'd.




Donphan (Absol)


Terrakion (Absol)


Yanmega with plus power (Absol)


Magnezone (Both)


Thunderous and Tornadous (Absol)


Cinccino (Both)


Zekrom and Reshiram (Both)


and a lot more. Maybe a Yanmega or someone with higher HP and a easy attack to do would be good instead of Renunculis.




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