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[Game] completed Sets not showing as completed

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Hi, I have been trying to complete the Dragons majesty set to add it to the list of completed sets, the description for completed sets is "Rare secret cards do not count towards set completion".

now I so far from all my collections I have, I have seen a pattern,

  • you only need at least 1 copy of that card.
  • that card can be standard and/or reverse holo (and/or Fullart for trainer cards)
  • {Fullart,GX,EX} cards can be any of the print types to count, just only need at least 1, and it shares the same set number [Standard Rare, Secret Rare, Alternate Art Rare, Rainbow Rare]

however for me i have filled all 3 of these conditions it still states i'm missing cards to finish the set?

below is a picture of the cards I don't have in the set, as you will see they are only the full arts some reverse holos and the hidden fates reprints also the banner stating that it is nearest to completion.

any idea why this may be happening.

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