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Double Active Glitch


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Hey guys,


Is anyone already working on, or can someone please begin working on fixing the glitch where it either makes you chose two active pokemon or automatically sends two to the active spot, therefore not allowing you to attack, retreat, or basically anything useful other than play cards from your hand which you then can't do anything with. There is nothing more anoying then having a game wrapped up with a bow for the win and then this happens and you have to concede (because i am yet to meet an opponent who choses to concede instead out of respect). This has happened to me about three times and I think its about time it gets fixed.




Much appreciated.


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Hello there!


We are aware of this bug and we are currently working on how to fix this issue. For more info and announcements on bug fixes and other issues please visit this thread:




Thanks for your feedback!







King Of Cosmos




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