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Santa... Got... away... ? (Christmas Event)


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It is now past deadline for this event, any further entries will just be for fun if you want to share more jokes, poems and drawings but are not eligible for any presents.






As we all know, economy isn't exactly great right now, nor is it any better at the north pole. So Santa Claus had to lay off a lot of his elfs, thus there were not much toys being produced for him to pass out this year. Thankfully Santa Claus is actually pretty updated in the department of new technology/internet and is pretty well informed of the existance of the beloved Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. So he has prepared a Big Red Bag of PTCGO goodies to pass out to some of the players. However, he has ran away because he could not tell the difference between any pokemon names. While I was trying to teach him which one is Oshawott for example, and told him to point at the card, his reply was.... Oshu what? ~.~


Now, as well informed as Santa is about technology, he is not well versed in the name/value/different versions of PTCGO cards (must be the old age ;D), so he has left me a note and told me to help him out in passing out the presents =) However as stated before, even the north pole is on a tight budget, so unfortunately the presents are not all extremely extremely valuable, but they are essentially free presents none the less. I took a sneak peek inside the Big Red Bag of Gifts and I can tell you that there is every card inside there, but there are of course more common and uncommon than say primes and holo rares. There are even a decent amount of booster packs as well!


So how does he want me to hand these out you ask? Well, since this is an online game, you don't actually have to write Santa a real life letter or leave him some cookies and milk, however you do have to write to him by making a post in a creative manner below. Why creative you ask? Its because since we can't guarantee that we can give out presents to everyone, so at the very least they could share in the joy of reading this thread together. Plus, Santa wants to learn more about pokemon ;D We also mean it when we said creative, we don't want any internet copy pasted works either, doing so will get you disqualified for presents and be deemed a bad kid! D:<


Event Details


-Post Method


You must choose at least one of the following method of choice to include within your letter to Santa to be entered into this contest.


1) Write Santa a Pokemon poem


2) Write / Draw Santa a Pokemon Christmas Card


3) Write Santa an Original Pokemon Joke~


4) Any other way you can think of to write to Santa. However make sure that it is creative, fun, and original.






1) Original, Fun, and Creative - As mention before, any internet copied jokes and the likes will be disqualified.


2) Your wish list must be incorporated within your post method of choice or even within the letter if you want. For example, if you decided to write a Pokemon Poem, the name of the cards must be used within the Poem itself or the letter. DO NOT just put a list randomlly at the end of the post, that will most likely be disqualified.


3) Your "wishlist" can only be up to 5 different things. I suggest you spread them out in terms of value. For example: 1 of each common/uncommon/rare/holo rare/booster pack(type). (That way, even if your post was not good enough for a rare present, it might be good enough for an uncommon present so you won't leave empty handed) You must underline/bold/italic your "wishlist" so it stands out and tells us clearly what you want.


4) Must be Pokemon themed


5) Must be in a letter format, for example, think of it as writing an e-mail to Santa and then telling him a joke/poem within the e-mail. (YES that means you have to start the post by saying "Dear Santa", Or "Dear Santa Gotaway" if you wish ;D)


6) You must not be offensive or write any dirty jokes, your post must still abide by the terms of use of this forum.






As I said before, the north pole has a tight budget and the Big Red Bag of Gifts is limited, we can't guarantee that we have enough to give out to everyone who enters this event. So we are only going to give the presents out to quality posts that are good enough to match up to their wish list.


What does that mean you ask?


It means that if your wish list is asking for something very rare for example, your post method of choice whether it is joke, poem, or drawing of christmas card will have to be of very good quality and well done to be deserving of such presents.


Basically what this means is, if you wish big, you need to equally put in the same amount of time/creativity/originality into your post. Similarly if you wish for little, you can usually get by with a simple everyday chrismas card =)


You are also not guaranteed to get everything within your wishlist, you might get some and you might get none depending on the quality of your entry so its wise to spread it out to guarantee that you at least get something out of this event.




-Judging and Present Give-away


Judging will be mostly done by me, but there are also several others that will help me in that regards. With that said, if you are not sure of how to rank your wishes according to value, you can view my trade thread to see how some of the rarer cards are ranked on there. For example, even if you put rare candy in your wishlist, even though it is an uncommon, it will not be easily obtained through this event, your post will have to be as equally awesome as the card =)


Depending on the amount and the quality of entries, the judging will change, that means that if there aren't many entries, those few entries might get more presents ;D Don't worry about the judging so much and just have fun with the event, at the end of the day, as long as you have done everything within the requirements, you are getting card(s) for free.


Present Giveaway will be days after the deadline, probably around the end of December depending on how many pages this thread gets.


Another thing is, if 6 people asks for the same card and there is only 2 copies of said card within the Big Red Bag of Gifts, then the best 2 posts will get the cards. So make sure your post is good enough for your wishlist if you wish for a very wanted card. Or you can play it safe and wish for lesser wanted cards, however that still means the letter have to be as awesome as the card value.






The deadline to enter this event is December 26th at 11:59 PM EST Meaning you have a little short of 1 week. You have until then to come up with a creative way to leave a letter for Santa below. All posters have a chance to win the presents in their wish list, it does not matter if you post today or next monday. What matters is how creative, original, and fun your posts are. The use of humor is also highly encouraged.


Limited 1 Entry per person.


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List of entries eligible for presents. (Crossed out means handed out already)










King Azreth </strike>








<strike> NinjaDethStrike</strike>


















<strike>Alpha King Alex</strike>
















<strike>Seven Kin</strike>














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You can ask questions if anything is not clear, it will not be counted as your entry as long as you do not start your post with "Dear..."


One of these posts will have a FAQ posted later if there are alot of questions.


Just remember, this is supposed to be fun for everyone.


Presents will be given out pretty generously, just have fun and be as creative as you want with this and I hope everyone have a Merry Christmas =)


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Does the Pokemon you choose to use have to be in the TCGO?


Also, if you're making a joke, could you include your wishlist prior to the joke in the introduction of the letter or does it have to be in the joke itself? Kinda hard to incorporate 5 different items into a single joke :(


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Dear Santa,


How are things? Hope everything is chill up at the North Pole. But enough with the small-talk, we have jokes to get to.


You see, Pokemon is a wonderful game. There are countless cards to play with - from Pokemon like Magcargo and Cleffa to Trainers like Twins - and each strategy packs its very own unique punch. However, many of us agree that no amount of preparedness or experience can ever overcome sheer dumb luck; the "hax" of the game, if you will. Where does one go to receive such hax, you ask? Why, Hax 'R' Us, of course!




Have a very Merry Christmas.






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@KidProdigy within the letter is fine too as long as they are incorporated within the post and not just a random tag on as a list. You also don't have to have as much as 5 if you don't/can't incorporate that many, but ya.The cards itself has to be in this game otherwise I can't send you the cards, but jokes and everything else can be with other pokemon if needed be.


@frozen Great submission =) definately original, fun and creative! I forsee some presents going your way ;D and great idea of you to underline your wishlist, I'll add that into the requirements.


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Hey Santa,


There are alot of cards that are great, like Magnemite, Rare candy, Cleffa, Magnezone Prime. These are awesome cards. Also, the Truimphant set makes me truimphant.


Here is a pokemon poem:




Green, Plant


Whipping, throwing, helping


The first pokemon ever


Eating, fighting, beating


Animal, Fierce




@ecilpse: I drew something like that.


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Dear Santa,


has! I think you get the point now, so how about a joke tounge_smile.png?




Q: What did Sudowoodo say to Bonsly after being criticized about looking like a tree?










With all due respect,








Well, I tried tounge_smile.png.




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Dear Santa Gotaway,


How's it going? Well, I wrote a poem about myself!


Tyranitar is big,


He likes to take walks,


He knocks over mountains,


and likes to talk!


Wish List: Dewott Oshowott Archen, Junk Arm, UL pack


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Sorry tyranitar20, but that is exactly what I said NOT TO DO.


Being as you are the first to get disqualified, I'll use yours as an example for others to see as whats not acceptable. That being said, please read my entire first post and you can redo your entry.


This is your only retry chance as well.


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Dear Santa,


I tried to Raichu (write you) a letter, but I Ditto (didn’t) know how, so I wrote you a Hoenn (poem). Since you don’t know a lot about pokemon, I’ll put what I meant to say in brackets.


It’s Chirstmas time


In Winter Bay


And Pokemon


Come out to play


A <span id="1324443245456S" style="display: none"> Dragonite


Whizzes past


A Santa hat


Atop a mast


The ship it’s on


Filled with fun


The Eevees dance


With everyone


The night draws close


The time comes near


For stockings full


Of Christmas cheer!


What do you think Santa?


You must know enough about Pokemon to have a favourite? Mines Meganium but I think Leafon is great too! You know what else is great? Booster packs!


Have a great Christmas Santa!






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Dear Santa Gotaway,




Here's a little poem I made for you:


Hydreigons are black,


Kingdras are blue,


What a wonderful Chirstmas,


A Pokemon Collector could have with you!




A Special Energy fills the Dark sky,


Whenever Santa Gotaway comes nearby!




It's great that you're Cheren your cards with everybody ( :P ), I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and an even better New Years.


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Dear Santa Gotaway.


I have tried being a good pokemon trainer this year.


I have a joke for you.




Thank you,


Love Benhell


Ps. Thanks gotaway for your great service this year. Merry Christmas!


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Dear Santa!


My poem;


Christmas is a wonderfull time


Chingling is always ready to chime


Even pokemon like Granbull are happy


However Sandile sure are snappy


Chandy never seems to mind


And Pichu is always really kind


But what is the best thing to get?


Not Carnivine, not golbat


it's gotta be an Undaunted pack(s)!


Merry Christmas!



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Dear Santa,




Hohoho, I'm here with a Christmas Rap


Lets see if I can increase my level cap


Team Rocket won't ruin my holiday cheer


Their Pokemon Catcher is nothing to fear


Santa's Pikachu will stop them with a tail slap


Or else Zekrom might wake up from his nap


Santa better bring his red nose Stantler this Christmas day


Tornadus will turn this white snow into a storm, won't you say


Merry Christmas to all, I'm here, your wrapper with a heart of gold


Soul of a silver, so just concede your hand, you must just fold.




Thanks for bringing the community together for a merry holiday


Santa Gotaway




You're the best


Much better than a Dodrio nest


(Oh no I can't stop)


~Your little elf, SlayerJuan


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Dear Santa,


I know that learning about Pokémon can be confusing and a little oddish, but don’t give up hope. You don’t want to feel gloomy at Christmas time and start having vile(plume) thoughts. All you have to do is open up your mind like a pack of cards and let your imagination run Unleashed and Undaunted. Also, make sure you travel safe delivering all of those toys Christmas Eve and avoid any Thundurus clouds and don’t get caught in any Tornadus. Have a Merry Christmas!








Great holiday idea Gotaway – I couldn’t resist taking part. If you need help filling any of the Christmas wishes –let me know if I can help by donating some cards.




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Thanks for the offer Ricker109, I've got it all covered though, I did mention its a Big Red Bag afterall ;D


Come on guys, there are still plenty of cards in the Big Red Bag, all you need to do is put in a little bit of effort and share a bit of fun with everyone ~~


Great job so far to all the entries, they were all very fun and definitely put some smiles on our faces :)


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Thanks for the submission Falaras, but as you already know yourself it is cut off, so why not put in 2 images instead? One for the pikachu, and another for the second part. That way we can see both pages, or just resize it smaller.


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<img src="http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i306/Falaras/1-1.png" alt="" />


<img src="http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i306/Falaras/2-1.png" alt="" />


It kinda ruins the christmas card-like feel I was going for but oh well it was fun to try and draw pikachu in paint.


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