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Pokemon TCG for this Dummy


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Okay, I'm looking at getting into the trading card game for the first time in a long time to relive some old thrills. I haven't messed with the pokemon tcg for about 10 - 11 years I think (the original PTCG). So I know things are going to be a bit different between generations. So I have a few questions to help get me started;


1) Can I mix different generations together? If so, can someone provide me a list of generations that mix well (same rules and generally equal in strength)?


2) Can someone provide me with a link that shows what cards are in each deck/expansion for at least the current B/W generation?


3) What is the best/cheapest store to buy these cards at? No specialty store unless it can be found within a reasonable distance to New Bern, NC or North Charleston, SC.


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Hello there DogJosha!


If you are looking for all of the cards that are currently in rotation we have a nice little page called the Pokémon Card Database located here:




As for where to buy booster packs that have the booster code cards in them you will have to look for specially marked packs that have this PLAY ONLINE! logo:




You can find these packs at most major retail stores and local hobby/card shops.


Hopefully this is helpful and we look forward to having you start playing Pokémon again!







King Of Cosmos






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I'm guessing based on the card decks that you provide information for, I can mix and match anything from Black/White to Diamond/Pearl. I'm mainly just looking at playing with my friend in person so I'm not overly concerned with following strict rules.


Unfortunately I can't seem to find a list of what cards actually come in each theme deck, but rather a list for the entire expansion.


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