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Trading Needs / What I have to offer (Check out my binder)


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  • Pokemon Collector x4
  • Rare Candy x 2
  • Double Colorless Energy x3
  • Zekrom x3
  • Cleffa x2
  • Pokemon Catcher x3
  • Magnezone Prime x2 / Magneton x2
  • Lanturn Prime x3



What I Have to Trade (Rares)




N (FA) and Regular N's x5




Virizion (FA) / 1 Normal (Double Draw) / 1 Virizion (Giga Drain)




Tornadus (FA)




Thundurus (FA)




Landurus (Holo x1 / Rare x1)




Excadrill (Holo / Rare x1 and Normal x2)




Conkeldurr x3 (Holo/ Rare Craftmanship)




Terakion (FA) / 1 Terakion Holo / 1 Terakion (Sacred Sword)




Gothilete (Holo / Rares) x4 (Magic Room*)




Chanduelure (Cursed Shadow)




Cofagrius (Durable Body) x3 (one holo)






Umbreon (Prime)




Zoroark (Holo/Rare) Fury Swipe / Night Daze* / Normal x3




Haxurus (Holo/ Rare)




Bisharp (Metal Holo and Rare) x2




Bisharp (Dark) 1 Holo Rare and 3 Normal




Hydreigon (Rare / Holo x1)




Druddigion x1 (Holo) / Normal x3




NidoKing (Rare / Holo)




Cobalion (Normal) x 2 / 1 Full Art




Porygon and Porygon 2 (Mapping Poke Power)




Solrock (Holo / Healing Block)




Junk Arm x5 / P-Coms x10 / Plus Power x4 / Eviolite x 3 / Crushing Hammer x1


I have alot more cards available just too many to type out so message me with any offers. * and CHECK MY BINDER OUT*








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