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Bug Megathread for Current Update 2

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I would like to update this thread with a couple more bugs that me and others have found after the original post, as well as an update regarding a bug with previously unknown conditions.


Gameplay-related issues with known causes:


Heatran-GX UNM 25, 216, 238 behaves very oddly when interacting with Burning Energy BKT 151. When using Heatran-GX's "Burning Road" ability to move Burning Energies from other Pokemon to it when it becomes active, the Burning Energies will initially not register. They will not be accounted for with attack costs, retreat costs if applicable, etc. As well, if regular Fire Energy is attached, the Burning Energy will not be accounted for when determining the damage total of Hot Burn-GX, Heatran-GX's GX attack. However, this can be fixed by getting the game to update the board state and the log, which I will refer to as a GSU from here on out, short for game state update. This can be done by playing a trainer, attaching an energy, etc., as well as letting the opponent do these actions or waiting a turn. If a GSU occurs, the Burning Energies will return to usual.


As well, there are other oddities involving this situation. If only Burning Energy is moved with no energy previously attached to the Heatran-GX that was moved to the active and it's the first time you've used "Burning Road" during the turn, it will not allow you to right-click to view a detailed summary of the card a majority of the time. If the Heatran-GX previously had energy attached, had a combination of regular Fire Energy and Burning Energy moved to it, or it is not the first time Burning Road is being used during a turn, than it will usually allow you to view the detailed summary with a right-click. However, it will show up glitchy with some of the assets missing, such as the backing to the "information" card detailing HP, etc., and borders missing. Another to note is that if you do this and you are able to right-click for the detailed summary before performing a GSU, it will not show the Burning Energies as being attached, which proves that the game doesn't recognize them as being attached despite displaying them on the game board. Finally, when moving only some of the energies on board and not all (usually when moving all from one Pokemon and none from the others) or when moving no energy at all, the animation used for the ability will often not trigger and it will immediately move the energy to Heatran-GX and trigger the bugged state.


To continue, I can confirm this is an issue relating to specifically Burning Road. I tested moving Burning Energy with Multi Switch GRI 129, and it worked as intended. In addition, Arcanine EVO has an ability of the same name that functions identically despite slightly different wording and is affected the same way. Max Potion GRI 128, 164 work as intended despite Burning Energy not being counted as the GSU is performed when a card is played to immediately reflect in the game log, causing the Burning Energy to go back to their intended state. 


Furthermore, I've tested cards such as Xerneas Prism Star LOT 144 and have not been able to recreate the bug. It might be due to the slightly different wording, or it could have to do with the energy I tested with. Xerneas Prism Star may be bugged, and should be tested. Another thing to point out is that I have not tested Tapu Koko-GX GRI 47, 135, 153 which has a similar but different ability in that it activates immediately when played, and not when sent to the active. 


Updates to previously reported bugs with unknown causes:


The cause of softlocks occurring near in time to the use of Tag Switch UNM 209, 254 has been identified. It seems to be that having a Tag Team-GX in the active with a stadium in play, using Tag Switch from one Tag Team Pokemon to any other Pokemon, and than quickly doing an action such as retreating or attacking with the active Tag Team or playing a card will often cause the game to softlock far more consistently than previously possible. This means that this is likely the root cause of the issue. 


Filter-related issues in the collection and trades:


Heatran-GX UNM 25, 216, 238 is unable to found in the collection or the deck builder when searching variants of "when this" despite the text being clearly displayed in the ability and other cards with the same text showing up when filtered. Other strings of the same ability text do work, but the card will not show up when filtered with the specific phrase mentioned previously.


Code card related issues:


The Dragon Majesty Naganadel Elite Trainer Box code yields the player with 6 copies of Lightning and Water Energy instead of the usual 5 like the other energy within it as well as with other ETBs. I am unsure if this issue or a similar issue exists with ETB codes from other sets.


Visual-related issues in the collection with unknown circumstances:


Card and pack counts will often not update when traded or opened for a period of time, until reloading the page, or until relogging on occasion. There is no consistent trigger for the issue that can be identified.


As well, I would like to refer to my previous posts that contains many more bugs and other issues in the current update. Some of these issues have been added to the known issues log, but some have not, and need to be to ensure that the game can be fixed properly by the developers in a timely manner.

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I can't wait for these bugs to be fixed in 2029 :)

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