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PTCGO Needs More Support

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Hey all,

First time posting here so bear with me.
I've been playing almost daily for the past 12+ months after a break around XY.
Anyway, there doesn't seem to be anything keeping me going. Daily Challenges are very repetitive, the Ladder doesn't often offer very useful cards (granted the tokens and packs can be useful; Standard players have no benefit playing a Ladder featuring Expanded cards/packs though)
What about different themes? Specials in the Shop? Prizes after a certain win streak (every 10 wins gets a tradable pack maybe?)

Also, as someone with /WAY/ too many ETL cards, I would of thought it be possible to trade in some by now just for some Tokens?

  • common = 1 Token each
  • uncommon = 2 Tokens each
  • rare = 5 Tokens each
  • Ultra Rare & Promo = 10 Tokens each


Seemed logical to me but aside from updating when new sets come out, it looks like Pokemon otherwise don't want to touch PTCGO.

I'm not just trying to complain, I'm trying to provide some ideas to put some life back in the game. If others have some suggestions for myself or the dev team then please do go ahead, the more discussion the better.

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