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I want your worthless cards!


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ok i decided to build a fun deck, the catch is i dont want to know what im getting for the deck, that where u come in. i want you to trade me your junk, in return i can give u something small to complete your deck, like if youre looking for a stage 1 to complete your stage 2 line, ect. or maybe a crappy rare. anyways rules are as follows


1)you cant post what you are giving me. it has to be a surprise


2)you have to give me the complete line. i dont want 500 turtigs. i want a 1, 1-1, or 1-1-1 line


3)dont ask for good cards.i wont trade them


4)have fun. please only trade me once!


ok here what i need


16 pokemon




14 trainers




10 supporters




20 energies (ill get these myself lol)


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hola! good day! (^_~)' V


got any of these?


-2 rescue energy


-rocky helmet


-reshiram promo card


-ninetails (hgss pack)


at least theres no harm in trying..


I guarantee you.. an eye for an eye.. a tooth for a tooth.. a rare for a rare..an item for an item.. LOL




tc.. ^^,


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