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Bug Megathread for Current Update- Issues Not Listed

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The following is a list of bugs and issues found/known to work in update 2.65.1 that as of me posting this are not listed in the bug tracker. Some of these may have already been reported, but the majority have not been. The bugs and issues listed below have a variety of things that they affect, including during gameplay, in trades, and in the collection.


Gameplay-related issues with known circumstances:


Alolan Muk & Muk Tag Team-GX UNB 61, 196, 197, 220 allows you to use the secondary effect of it's GX attack, "Nasty Goo Mix-GX", with only three energies attached if Dimension Valley is in play. The intended interaction should be that it still requires four energies to be attached even with Dimension Valley in play as the original cost of the attack is zero and as Dimension Valley only fulfills the energy requirement for the attack, not the extra energies. This means that it is possible for a Pokemon to have "fewer" than zero energies required for an attack on PTCGO, which shouldn't ever occur in normal gameplay, and only is noticeable with this specific instance.


Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor Tag Team-GX UNM 1, 214, 215, 237 does not allow you to use it's attack "Super Growth" to evolve a Pokemon to a stage 1 or a stage 2 on the first turn it is in play, or on the first turn of the game. The intended interaction should be that it allows you to evolve a Pokemon under these circumstances as it doesn't provide any restrictions to its use. This is likely due to the game's code saying that "Super Growth" acts as a regular evolution, with no rules put in to allow a first turn evolution.


Porygon-Z UNB 157 allows you to attach energies such as Splash Energy BKP 113 and Triple Acceleration Energy UNB 190 or any other energy that can only be attached to specific Pokemon to Pokemon that should not normally be able to have these energies on them. It immediately discards them, which is intended. I am unsure if this is an intended interaction or unintended and considered a bug, but given the fact that the energy cards mentioned specifically state that it can only be attached to a specific class of Pokemon, I believe it is a bug. Another thing to note is that a report exists claiming that retreating a Pokemon with Recycle Energy UNM 212 or 257 attached to it by a Porygon-Z UNB 157 prevents it from returning to the hand, but I have been unable to replicate this issue at all in my testing with similar circumstances.


Gameplay-related issues with unknown circumstances or that are unable to be replicated:


Fractional damage counters can be done to Pokemon. The circumstance that this occurred in involved Muk TEU 63 attacking a Dragonite ROS 52 with the move "Toxic Secretion" and Seviper BUS 50 as a damage booster which the Pokemon took 99 damage after poison and had 61 damage remaining. All attempts to recreate this have failed, and my best guess is that something went wrong with a floating-point integer or an extremely specific interaction.


Tag Switch UNM 209 can randomly cause elements of the game such as attaching energies or playing a turn to soft-lock when used. I have been unable to consistently replicate this, but it can occur when using the card randomly. My only guess regarding the circumstances for such a temporary soft lock in gameplay is that the moving of two energies gives the game issues due to a lack of other cards with a similar effect.


Visual-related issues with known circumstances during gameplay:


Persian-GX UNB 149, 207, 227 has a visual bug in which the ability "Cat Walk" is shown to be usable every turn. When the user goes to click on the card to use the ability, it only allows for the user to use the ability and not fail it in the intended circumstances of the ability's use, which is the turn after the opponent knocked out one of the player's EX/GX Pokemon.


Filter-related issues in the collection and trades:


The Mega Blastoise and Mega Charizard Battle Arena Decks show up under the "Evolutions" set when filtered in collection or in trades and show the set symbol next to the listing in trades. The primary items in this item are not from Evolutions, and the products were not released with Evolutions and have nothing to do with the set itself and should be tagged with no set symbol.


Trade-related issues with unknown circumstances:


Random set symbols are displayed next to gameplay and avatar items that have no set symbols associated with them. These have no pattern, and can even change while loading trades. None of these items should be affiliated with any set. The only thing I can notice is that more often than not it shows the Unified Minds set symbol, which might be due to the trade volume of the cards and packs of this set coinciding with the release. 


Pack and deck related issues:


Two of the XY theme decks, Bolt Twister from Phantom Forces and Stone Heart from Ancient Origins yield the player the incorrect versions of Potion. The version that is intended to be given is the KSS 37 print, but the BCR 132 print is given instead. This can be seen with other XY theme decks containing Potion such as Burning Winds from Phantom Forces containing the correct print as well as the real decks containing the KSS print of the card.

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