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Is it me or is the welder card grossly broken? Especially when paired with the tag team cards. I admit the tag team cards are grossly broken on their own, but they are manageable if you can buy yourself some time while they're building up those energy cards. I mean if they're doing over 120 damage on their first attack and able to put 3 energies or more in a single turn, then you know there's something wrong and the game is unbalanced. Personally I'd ask for a ban on both cards (welder and tag team), but I know that's not going to happen, but I'd settle for welder at this point. 


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Being able to add 2 extra Fire Energy, in addition to the one from your turn, and then draw 3 more cards, does seem lopsided.  It just means that new strategies (e.g. Water decks) will become more common.


Realistically, it's just another element of Rock-Paper-Scissors.  When you account for luck (bad or good), Pokémon isn't exactly the masterful strategy game that many pretend or wish for.


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1 hour ago, dinokrisp said:

welder needs to be banned



Hello @dinokrisp


Thank you for joining the forums! 


Please note that reviving old threads is against the rules.


I'm closing this thread right away. 

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