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Walls of Encouragement and Discouragement

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Hey everyone, seen some news that turned out to be sad and depressing.  It involved the Smash Bros Tournament, to where a girl who is an amateur has defeated a pro in the game, and her life has become far from pleasant.  The reason why is because there are fans who didn't enjoy the outcome, and decide to try and make her feel bad for doing so well, that she would have a reason not to play again.  Yet, even though the things they put her through are pathetic, and hurt her, the girl said she well keep playing the game, and play it her way, so what say to that is good for her.


Anyway, while I'm not sure if there are Pokemon fans that would take things too personally to where they would throw a fit over an outcome they don't like when it comes to the tournament, yet I'm just a couple of proverbial walls out there.  Not sure if I got the term right.  But basically, even though I know these walls won't appear at the tournaments, or even the Pokemon website, yet I'm wondering if ones were really put up, would you have a few words you would like to say?


The walls have a different, but almost similar purpose.  With the Wall of Encouragement, you give a few words to encourage those competing to do their best, and keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles get in their way.  Even throw something to the winners to encourage them to keep enjoying the game, and how to deal with their oppressors.


The Wall of Discouragement is basically things you would like to say to those who tend to bring some negativity into peoples lives, mainly nip it in the bud if it's possible.  To where if there are those who love Pokemon, but tend to take things too personally.  Like for example, if the winner is somebody they did not want, and would try to make sure that person's happiness is short lived, what would you say to stop them from doing something stupid?  Even if what you say would fall on deaf ears?


Well, here are the things I would say:


Encouragement:  Do what you enjoy, and remember this;  win or lose, if you are still having fun playing Pokemon, then you know what really matters.


Discouragement:  Relax and have fun when it comes Pokemon, you're not the authority of it.  If the person you wanted to win loses, make sure to see for yourself if they are okay with losing, before you do something that makes said person feel bad for what you did.


Anyway, here you go, and keep it clean if you can.

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