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Ho Ho Ho Holidays! (Contest)


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Today is the end of School for me. And i was thinking, Why not make a contest?












1. You can only enter 1 time.












1st prize winner wins 10 Santa hats!


2nd prize winner wins 5 Elf Hats!


3rd prize winner gets Absol Prime!








2. Sonicpatty


3. popandbop


4. Marts021


5. matthew69


6. superlegit


7. Masaki_ of _ Siel


8. Kid Prodigyz


9. firecloud


10. 941Battlers


11. TrainerSnivy57


12. tyranitar20


13. Benhell


14. Mr Kunimitsu


15. Espevoir


16. Metagross01


17. trulyawesome


18. Necr0sis


19. frozen_eclipse


20. Top Trainer14


21. Metoro












How to enter.




All you have to do is say Enter me!






Contest starts December 16 2011. Winners announced December 25 2011. If there is matinence the winner will be announced the next day.


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Enter Me! /but how to get these santa/elf hats anyway? And are there any other new avatar items thats possible to reccive? (i already know of the emergin power sampling pack code items, and the zoroark shoes from nv sampings)


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