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The end of Mill and Denial decks has come a long time ago.


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Hello everyone,,

With the recent and upcoming cards (Crimson Invasion) that let you easily look for a huge amount of Energy cards of your deck and discard pile and attach them to your pokemon (not just putting them on your hand), denial decks like Sableye and Sylveon-EX seem to have their future ruined.

This my humble opinion, a shame. Because the company cutting off strategies just to aim for faster matches actually makes the game less open to... well, other viable strategies that people may try and have fun ***** *


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Do you think the same?

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I assume you are talking about Unified Minds which will be released 2nd of August.


While I didn't looked at every card I honestly don't see anything to threatening there.


Energy Denial is only one way of attacking the opponent. In the case of Sableeye the deck excels at manipulating the opponents draw, while also denying prize cards via Black Market and Life Dew.

Shock Lock flat out ignores energy denial and just goes into an infinite loop of to win the game.

Wailord Stall and Lucario&Melmetal + Vileplume don't care that much about energy denial either.


Also, don't forget that we got ways to deal with abilities and Faba to prevent any recursion effects for non-basic energy.

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